Friday, 10 September 2010

Food of Hanoi, Vietnam (Sep 2010) - Part 2

The tour guide also recommended Wild Lotus restaurant, which we enjoyed =) It's a posh place... very nice interior with spiral staircase, lotus ponds, warm lighting, all the french grandeur but minus the "stressfulness" of eating in a posh place. we didn't expect it to be so posh so were very under-dressed (chris wore berms and polo Tee) but it was ok, no one gave us weird looks haha yes, you can just be yourself =D for USD$20++ we had a 10 course dinner (inclusive of tea/coffee). they were very flexible and accomodated changes to the dishes which we didn't like and replaced them with something of similar price. we substituted some funny salad with Viet spring rolls, sauteed clams with grilled chicken and the sweet dessert with fresh fruits. If you order a la carte, it's going cost a lot more. we don't drink wine so kept the bill to under USD$45 for two =)

mixed reviews on tripadvisor though.

The crab meat and corn soup was so-so. I don't really like starchy soups. should have changed it to tom yam goong!

The deep fried spring rolls were fantastic. very very thin and crisp wrap with juicy filling =) i loved it =)

grilled minced shrimp on bamboo... not bad

sea bass with some vietnamese sauce. not very spicy.

grilled chicken with lime leaves... nice n tender

grilled beef with lemon grass. i loved this very very much. the beef was tender and i love how it's infused with the fragrance of lemon grass... =)

sauteed water convolvulus... very nicely done. just the right amount of crunch, not overcooked.

forgot to photograph the fresh fruits but they're mainly local fruits like water melon, dragon fruit, mango and honeydew.

oh... i just realised that we ordered mostly grilled food... but hm... we enjoyed the meal =) much better than what we had on the first night at Hilton's Chez Manon =PP

Make sure you get your hotel to reserve a table as they don't take walk-ins.