Thursday, 30 September 2010

Generation Gap

Once again I feel that Chris and I have generation gap hahaha...

this morning in the car,
me: Er dear... Why did you sync my i-Phone with YOUR i-tunes library??
chris: hehe... =)
me: who wants to listen to your ah peh songs??
chris: you called me "ah peh"!! =(
me: i didn't call you ah peh. i said the songs you listen to are ah peh songs...
chris: =( you say i am ah peh =(
me: who wants to listen to roman lam and george lam la! are they even alive??
chris: george lam is... you are very disrespectful [toward these veterans]... hng!
me: and francis yip... golly... long bun long lao (The Bund in Shanghai)...
chris: *sulk*
me: oh yes, and those Little Lee Flying Dagger, Heavenly Dragon 8 Steps theme songs... zzz...
chris: 天龙八部 is NOT Heavenly Dragon 8 STEPS!!! the 部 is doesn't mean STEPS!!! *气死我!*
me: whateva... you know miley cyrus#?
chris: i don't know and i don't care
me: justin bieber#??
chris: -.-
me: baby baby baby oh!!!
chris: -.-
me: the only music we both like are liang wenfu and alan tam. we have generation gap...
chris: but i'm only ONE year older...
me: doesn't feel like it...
chris: *sulk*

# pls don't misunderstand... i don't listen to these too but at least i have heard of them haha... and of cos, Mr Brown popularised Justin Bieber's baby in his song about the $9000 NS recognition award hahaha...

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