Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Hotel Review: Hilton Hanoi Opera (supposed to be 5* but amenities more like 3*)

Situated in the French Quarter of Hanoi, this hotel is right beside the Hanoi Opera House.

I chose Hilton because we usually wouldn't get a chance to stay in Hilton unless it's in a developing country ma hahaha =P and boy, did chris regret it.

NO COMPLIMENTARY internet -.- That's a definite FAIL for chris hahaha

when we booked it, the website stated "Wireless internet" but didn't state complimentary... ah... sheesh... haha. so we wouldn't recommend this hotel although the breakfast is quite good (we had to pay USD$16 each cos our room rate was not inclusive of breakfast). mainly Japanese tourists.

The tour guide recommended Hanoi Elegance Hotel. hm... we should have booked everything through the tour company but oh well...

Chris has black-listed the Hilton chain. haha