Saturday, 18 September 2010

Nieces at Playschool

I accompanied my nieces to their playschool today because my brother went to KL with his pig and dog friends. Prior to that, my SIL sent me a series of SMSes...

SIL: don't wear skirt... bring a pair of socks...

I had the impression that it was a dance class and thought it will be very strenuous LOL

Turned out that it is Julia Gabriel playschool at Evans Road, supposedly a very popular school among kiasu parents. I was told that there's a waiting list.

At about $1300 per term for two kids, it's quite the norm... Class ratio: 4 teachers to 18 students. the teachers seem quite talented, like all can play an instrument hahaha. Emphasis is on bilingual exposure. My nieces learnt "K" for Koala 树袋熊 today =D I thought the Chinese teacher from China is very good. What I also like is the rule "one adult per kid" so this is not a place where you "dump" your kid there for 2 hours. Parents must participate which is great for parent-child bonding =) However, I think some people make their domestic helpers come instead -.- so sad

During our time, we never had such classes. These days, parents are also sending their kids to all sorts of lessons like piano, violin, swimming, abacus etc... sheesh... in 10 years, every kid you pick on the street will be able to play piano or violin. well, if i have a kid, i'd let him/her learn something different like cello or harp LOL and fencing or horse riding... not so common haha

Anyway, although i was super tired and have a lot of work (which i brought home) to do, i enjoyed myself and am looking forward to next week's lesson =D

here's a video i made using i-movie on my i-phone. The teachers were in traditional Malay costumes because last Friday was Hari Raya Puasa. Very NE.

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