Monday, 27 September 2010

P Plate No More!

YES! I can FINALLY take down my P plate. Actually, I could have taken it down in Mar this year but someone *glare at chris* insists that I put it up until I can successfully parallel-park -.-

Chris took it down last night... even though I still can't parallel-park... this is what happened:

I was driving innocently and signalled to go to the rightmost lane so i can drive faster but that bugger behind me HIGHBEAMED me!!!!

me: that idiot behind highbeamed me!!!! he highbeamed me!!!

then he overtook me FROM THE LEFT

me: *fuming* what a prick!!! he highbeamed me!!!! he thinks i'll be slow!!!

try to overtake him from the left but there's a slow pick-up stopping me

me: *read out his car-plate number* you don't deserve to drive a volkswagen! want to change lane also don't need to highbeam people what!!!

chris: er dear, you're very bad-tempered and aggressive...

me: *fuming* should i overtake him and suddenly jam-brake in front of him??? what a stupid prick!!! he highbeamed me!!!! he totally highbeamed me!!!!

chris: er dear... you have road rage...

me: whose fault??? HA??? whose fault is it that I am aggressive??? *ROAR!!*

chris: ????

me: YOUR FAULT!!! cos you make me continue putting that stupid P plate that's why people keep on bullying me! so i have to be aggressive! otherwise they will bully me! it's your fault i get bullied!!! =(((((((((((

chris: okok my fault

me: I already managed to parallel-park you 嫌东嫌西 say parking lot too big la, wheel not straight la!

chris: okok my fault

me: you got so many comments you drive la! i don't want to drive anymore! *SULK*

chris: okok, take down P plate take down...

me: got one more behind...

chris: kk later i take down ok?

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