Thursday, 16 September 2010

Stress >.<|||

my mother-in-law is so sweet. she bought a cake on Sunday to celebrate my birthday...

FIL: whose birthday?
ah ma: tee tiang seh zek? (whose birthday?)

LOL only my mother-in-law remembers =) so sweet of her. and she even remembers that i like to eat fried chicken wings and specially prepared them for me ^^

so my father-in-law prayed for me...

FIL: ... and Lord, I pray that Ann will have children of her own... we thank you for Chris' family which consists of him, Ann and many more to come...

chris and i: -________-|||

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  1. Ha ha, good one!

    Btw, it appears that the new theme you used is causing the web page to scroll very slowly. Try it out and see.