Monday, 4 October 2010

Chris Learns to Wash Vegetables =)

oh yes, i ain't kidding. Chris doesn't quite cook haha

lately we introduced fresh veggies to west and claire and west loves kailan. we usually try to buy organic but yesterday we couldn't find any so we bought the ordinary ones...

chris version of washing veggies:
1. grab one bunch
2. turn on tap and rinse
3. flick dry

my version:
me: get a few bunches and pluck out the stalks
chris: why must pluck?
me: cos your son doesn't eat the thick stem
chris: -.-
me: use a vegetable colander, here, put veggies in and turn on tap. add a few drops of veggie soap
chris: er... why must use soap?
me: cos kailan usually has a layer of white stuff
chris: so ma fan
me: wat to do? your son likes to eat. wait a few minutes..

chris: =.=zzz
me: ok, can le...

chris: -.- *tries to grab veggies and drain them out of his fingers*
me: er dear, use the colander... that's what it's for... -.-
chris: -.-
me: need to rinse again and make sure all the soap has been washed away
chris: so ma fan
me: then put them into the salad spinner and spin dry
chris: *grumble grumble, punch punch punch, open the cover* so ma fan
me: dear! you have to press the black button to stop the spin first before you open the cover!!! if not the veggies may fly out!
chris: *grumble grumble*
me: ok, put them into a ziplock bag. can use for a few days.
chris: see bay ma fan

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