Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Common Language

My department colleagues and I are interested to go for high tea. JT recommended Goodwood Park's English high tea which I like too. They're having a promotion now: For every 3, 1 eats for free.

Intercontinental's The Lounge is also having a promotion with Citibank credit card: 1-for-1

goodwood's high tea is buffet whereas intercon's is the 3-tier type. so, the best way to decide is:

Let n be the number of people.

If n = 0(mod 4), go to Goodwood.
If n not = 0(mod 4) but n = 0(mod 2), go to Intercon 

[Actually it's not =, it's equivalent sign... the 3 strokes one]

0(mod 4) means the remainder when divided by 4 is 0 i.e. multiple of 4
0(mod 2) means the remainder when divided by 2 is 0 i.e. even

In English, it means "if even go intercon unless multiple of 4 in which case we go goodwood"


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