Thursday, 21 October 2010

Dangerous Daiso

Golly... do you guys feel the same way? i find shopping at Daiso and IKEA very "dangerous". cos you go there thinking the things are cheap and you stroll up and down the lanes and go...

"hm... this is cute..."
"wa, this is useful!"
"ooh... interesting..."
"wa, so cheap!"

then you take take take take and upon check-out get a heart attack when you see the total cost. and it doesn't help that when you eat at IKEA, you're "forced" to walk through the store to get out. temptation is everywhere!

it has happened all too often at Daiso... i go there to buy ONE thing then walk here walk there look look see see then take take take take and at check-out, the aunty goes, "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ..., 20" -.-|||

here are some ways to avoid unnecessary buying:
1. don't eat at IKEA
2. eat at IKEA with a friend/colleague/friend who is a colleague and concentrate on chit-chatting on the way out. get him/her to stop you if you get distracted
3. When at Daiso, DON'T use the basket so you won't take too many things
4. Go to Daiso when you're in a rush so you just cheong in to buy that one thing and cheong out. no time to look see look see = no temptation

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