Saturday, 2 October 2010


ok, this is going to be a disgusting (but quite funny) post so don't eat while reading ya? haha...

i had a disgusting dream last night >.< dreamt that i went to the toilet in my office and the W.C. had faecal deposits =P the toilet paper was also stained and walls smeared with faecal deposits... yuck la!

talking about faecal deposits... my friend once told me a story about her colleague's father (who is also a colleague. father and daighter in the same company). well, the guys in the office had been very disgusted by a certain staff who always leaves his business behind every time he goes to the toilet. they were determined to "catch" the culprit but never really succeeded...

then the organisation went for some retreat and a poor chap shared a room with the culprit. turns out it's my friend's colleague's father. soon, news spread to the whole staff and they all knew who it was. of cos, my friend's colleague heard about it too and she lamented that at home, her mother would dutifully go in after dad to flush the toilet for him... that is just gross... that's really pushing "wives, submit to your husbands".
some people have disgusting habits =PPP

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  1. Ever heard of the phrase "Bang Sai Ko Piak" - 发奋(粪)图强(墙)? ;-)