Sunday, 3 October 2010

Mastercard Sucks - Big Time

Mastercard REALLY sucks -.-

I tried booking movie tickets using my mastercard twice in a row and it didn't work. Made me super fed-up... cos you know that if your booking is unsuccessful, your seat is blocked right? then you have to wait 15 mins to re-do it. and i did it TWICE!

me: GRRRRRAAAHHHHH!!!!! mastercard is super sucky la!!!! *fling it out... card pong! hit glass door and ricochet onto the floor*
chris: >.> dear, you're very bad-tempered... -.-
me: it's not that i'm bad-tempered... it's that Mastercard SUCKS!!!

call the bank... tru tru tru... key in this number that number and wait damn long...

operator: good evening mdm, how may i help you ^^
me: *fuming* i tried using my card to book movie tickets and it didn't work... grrr...
operator: mdm, can i do some verifications with you?
me: *answer this question that question, super angry liao*
operator: thank you mdm. let me check. it says no records.
me: of cos no record -.- cos it DIDN'T WORK!
operator: what was the message?
me: it told me to contact the bank...
operator: ok... let me see..
me: tell you what, just cancel the (i wanted to say "damned") card. it's the suckiest card i've ever used. And I can't even use it in Japan#! just tell me how much i owe and cancel the (i wanted to add "stupid") card.
operator: yes mdm... currently, your outstanding bill is *censored*
me: k, pls cancel it (i wanted to emphasize again that it sucks but i control)
operator: yes, i will proceed with your request. an officer will call you shortly.
me: k thanks...
me: i cancelled that stupid card
chris: you are very bad tempered.

i'm so gonna enjoy cutting my card into shreds...

#starting from 2010, Japan doesn't accept mastercards anymore... so they must BE REALLY SUCKY! 

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