Tuesday, 16 November 2010


I have two laundry bins. one for dark-coloured clothes, one for light.

so on sunday I was washing the dark-coloured load...

me: WANG JUNJIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chris: yeah?
me: *hold up a light-blue shirt* does this look DARK-coloured to you??
chris: er... ya...
me: *hold up a yellow shirt* DOES THIS LOOK DARK-COLOURED TO YOU???!!!
chris: erm... y...ya...
me: *fuming... hold up his WHITE underwear* DOES. THIS. LOOK. DARK. COLOURED. TO. YOU???!!!
chris: hehe... y... ya... dear, who cares, just throw them in and wash la...
me: >_______<|||

when i die, his clothes are all gonna be one colour: DARK.


  1. We don't separate dark and light clothes in our washes - lazy lah. Hee hee. What I do is if I suspect any new article with a high chance of colour running, I'd soak it in a basin of tap water first to check and then either hand wash that item or throw it into the machine with the rest if it won't 'contaminate' others. :)

  2. but if you wash whites with dark-coloured clothes. after a while won't it turn grey (as in not as bright and white)?

    that's why every week i have to wash clothes 4 times: light, dark, light hand wash, dark hand wash -.- and that's not including bedsheets >.<

  3. Indeed! But it didn't bother us :P