Monday, 15 November 2010


is the property of a body to stay at rest or remain in motion (in a straight line) unless acted on by an external force.

Let me give you an example...

me: wa dear!! rain has stopped! let's go jogging! ^^
chris: er... but we have to go to my mum's place soon...
me: IT'S 4:30!!! (we usually leave at around 6+) -.-

so we were downstairs stretching and i noticed that the puddles of water had tiny ripples...

me: aw man... it's still drizzling????
chris: *stands outdoors* ya dear! =D since it's drizzling, we should just go home! =D
me: -.- *runs out* ah ya, just slight drizzle... let's go
chris: but but dear... you will catch a cold... no lah..
me: -.- don't be such a wuss! don't you march in the rain in the army???!!
chris: er... Cat 1 must stop... otherwise got lightning...
me: it's just a few drops!! -.-
chris: no lah dear...
me: =(
chris: the floor is slippery...
me: -.-
chris: okok, we climb stairs??
me: must go up fast ha! go up down 3 times?
chris: er... 2?

we were HALFWAY up the HDB block...

chris: DEAR! reach home already! let's go home la!
me: -.- just go! *ROAR*
chris: =(

we reached the top floor and took a lift down...

me: one more time? =D
chris: er... you're obsessed...
me: kk, we run under the blocks... void decks... got covered walkways =)
chris: -.-

we did one round and when we were reaching our block, i ran outdoors a little...

me: DEAR!! =D the rain has stopped... now we can run to [the next town]!! =D
chris: -__________-||| you are obsessed!