Monday, 29 November 2010

Pet Remains

Some of u don't know but we had two bunnies previously who passed away. Brownie was with us for a good 5 years, he passed away due to tumours. Hiro was a sick bunny that the store sold us (we didn't know) and he was with us for only 4 weeks ='( Click on Hiro to read his story.

We keep their ashes in Waterford Wedgwood bone china sugar bowls at home... only the best for our darlings...

That day my brother asked me...

kor: eh, how long ago did brownie (our late bunny) die ha?
me: can't remember...
kor: so what did you do to the ashes?
me: at home la! didn't u see??
kor: ah yo, that time my dog died we put the ashes at home got dog smell neh!
me: ha???
kor: ya, the house got his lingering dog smell!
me: don't be gross la!
SIL: ya!! we can smell! and none of our neighbours had dogs...
kor: ya lor, the smell left only after we got rid of the ashes...
me: don't be so spooky la!
kor: really!
me: anyway, bunnies don't smell la

LOL my kor makes it sound so spooky... like as though the pet's spirit is still lingering around like that...

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