Monday, 8 November 2010

Taboo (Singapore) 2010

Read about Taboo 2009 here

Sheesh... sometimes when you say the wrong thing in front of your cranky colleagues, it's there to stay and it will be passed on to new colleagues who join LOL

poor VL...

so we played taboo again and someone got the card "First Class"

player: VL!! VL!!!
everyone: (unanimously) FIRST CLASS!!!!
VL: -_________-|||

then PP got "cook"...

PP: *points to SW* ann does it a lot at home, u do it some times!
SW: cook!

hehe... i was actually thinking of something else *cheeky grin* and TY read my mind so we hehehe...

someone got "spit"

player: *named a country* people always do this on the streets!
everyone: (unanimously) SPIT!!
my HOD (who is non-Singaporean): *want to slap forehead expression* HAHAHA!!

hehehe... we are v bad leh...

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