Thursday, 25 November 2010


Today is supposed to be Thanksgiving in America... There's just so much to give thanks for... Beautiful nature, abundance, good health etc... Here are my top 5 thanksgivings =)

- God
my source of strength, provider, comfort in times of need, Father. I know that even if everyone forsakes me, He will be there =) And I don't fear death because I know He is in heaven waiting (er... but I fear the way I will leave... really hope no pain =P haha)

- My family and friends =)
really, every struggle/sorrow/hardship is halved and every joy/good news/happiness multiplied when we have loved ones by your side. I am thankful for especially Chris who always loves and accepts me for who I am. His family, they are the best in-laws anyone can ever ask for =) I thank God for my mum and kor. Although my mum doesn't REALLY need me -.- (maybe she act cool only), I know she cares for me and loves me and of cos, my kor, he is the BEST kor eva!!!! And yeah, my nieces, they're the cutest (I don't care if you think your kid is the cutest, my nieces are the cutest LOL) =D

- My freedom
As a woman, I thank God that I live in a country that does not discriminate against women, where we have equal opportunities and feel protected, loved and appreciated. I also thank God that I can worship Him freely in this country, one that is stable and peaceful.

- My gifts
which I can use to bless those around me. When people come to me to say, "Hey, that song you sang really ministered to me", I really thank God. I also thank Him that I can use my skill in photography to bring so much joy to people around me. Some people say to me, "Ah yo Ann, you're always taking pictures and videos of kids, you should have your own!" I like to take photos of children not just because they're cute but because I know it brings their parents great joy to capture these precious moments. The satisfaction I feel seeing parents get so excited over their cute kids' pictures/videos is what makes me want to do it. It's not because I am yearning to have kids of my own or "my biological clock is ticking". I learnt a skill, I have the equipment, so why not use them to bless others? Otherwise the camera will just be sitting in the dry cabinet. Of course, I simply adore my nieces so I paparazzi them a lot LOL

- My job
again I thank God for giving me a gift to be able to do what I have been doing for 10 years and lately to be able to impart some of that experience to groom another. I pray that I will have the passion to continue doing the work I so love (despite my occasional grumbles =P). My colleagues (especially my dept) are a great bunch. I have never been happier in my work-life. There's such strong unity and out of it, synergy when we work together for a greater good. I salute all of them and am proud to be amongst them =)

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