Sunday, 21 November 2010

Ugly (and Stupid) Singaporeans

Chris and I were at Cold Storage yesterday evening because Chris wanted Haagen Daz ice cream. We Q-ed behind this couple with a basket full of groceries and they held up the LONG (the usual weekend crowd + pre-Christmas craze) Q...

AFTER the cashier scanned everything in their basket...
woman: i want to use my points to off-set
cashier: *swipe card* but mdm, there are no points in your card
woman: have! i want to off-set with my points and pay the remaining by NETS
cashier: but... mdm, there are no points...
woman: cannot be, the bank told me i have a lot of points!
cashier: maybe you could check with the bank?
woman: the bank says i have a lot of points!

meanwhile, chris and i: -.-

senior cashier comes to help...
senior cashier: mdm, you can only directly off-set if it's citibank card, UOB cannot...
woman: *sigh* then i will pay with NETS
senior cashier: but mdm, we have already swiped your card...
woman: can you cancel? i want to pay by NETS
senior cashier: but mdm, it means we have to RE-SCAN all your purchases... *glance at long Q*

so?? what would YOU do?? Note: There's a long Q and the person behind you has two tubs of ice cream... you'd say it's ok right? but....

woman's husband: ok, can you? please...?

chris and i: *JAW DROP TO THE GROUND + STUNNED* -__________-|||

everyone else: >.<|||

woman: it's ok la it's ok la *signed credit card bill*

ah yo, what is their problem??? either way she has to pay what!!! she probably needs to redeem VOUCHERS with her points then use at CS... she thought can suka suka come and use points one ah?? aunty! your card is not citibank card neh! only citibank cards got 2% rebate... and i can't believe her husband wanted the cashier to RE-SCAN everything!!!

some singaporeans make my blood boil (and ice cream melt)...

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  1. Didn't know that citibank card has 2% rebate at CS. SHould have used it. Anyway, I really dislike buying things at CS at Compass Point. Queue always so long and the stupid way they place the overhead labels for the rows. I have to walk to the actual row and see what's on the label.