Friday, 3 December 2010

The Brag

Have you ever wondered how to pack your bra for a trip without crushing the delicate cups? How many times have you been upset after taking a bra out of the luggage bag and finding a dent in cup?

I tried stuffing panties into the cups, I have tried fabric bra bags (gotta fold bra in half, then stuff panties and stocking in the cups), I have tried packing them in a box but the box need to be pretty deep otherwise they still get crushed a bit so it's v bulky. But not anymore! When I saw this at Takashimaya, I knew I have found my solution!

Meet The Brag! Bra + Bag = Brag

A hard-case bra bag!! *kok kok kok* it's hard (like fabric luggage bags type of material) so your bra won't go out of shape =)

It's very expensive at $82 (that's before Taka card discount of 10%) but considering the fact that one bra costs an average of $70 and the design is so pretty, it's a reasonable price to pay.

Holds 1-6 bras up to size 36C

I can't wait to use it =D

Here's the website =) at USD$49.95, it's slightly cheaper if you order it online but with the taka 10% discount, it's not much of a difference. And don't forget there's delivery charge if you order online.

I bought one for Pris too, in her favourite colour, for Christmas =) Pris doesn't read my blog so it's fine haha


  1. Looks really cool :D Must be a Japanese innovation right?