Friday, 10 December 2010

Control Freak Kancheong Spider

That's what Chris calls me all the time haha because I have a need to be in control, especially when we are travelling.

I will plan my itinerary way way in advance (like 2 months in advance).
I need to know exactly where we're going everyday, how to get there and what we will do.
I must book ALL accommodations, get confirmations and print out all confirmations.
I will pack my luggage at least two weeks in advance.

If there are any uncertainties or last min changes, I'd be very uptight...

I was talking to Pris this morning and she said...

Pris: haha, that time we were in Canada we were driving around with our luggage looking for a hotel haha
me: *jaw drop*

That will definitely freak me out! I just cannot go to another country and not have booked accommodation for every night.... that's way too scary for me. But some people can.

and my other good friend... sometimes when she travels, she doesn't even have an itinerary. She just goes where she feels like going... and will look for accommodation along the way... the free spirit kind... and I don't know how she can pack only on the day she is flying... I will be v stressed... what if you realise you are missing something and need to buy it how????

Chris also... he wanted to pack only on the day of departure itself i FORCED him to pack the weekend before... *faints*

So, am I a control freak kancheong spider? haha...

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  1. i'm like you when it comes to booking flights and accommodation. Guess the kiasu-ness has to do with the fact that I could only travel during the school hols season where everybody else (almost) is also going out of the country holidaying. Last minute booking is very stressful as most flights are full and good, budget hotels are snapped up. If die die must also travel then gotta to pay a lot more.