Friday, 3 December 2010

My New Mop and Pail

I bought a very cool mop and pail and my bad influence friend says her mum LOVES them. It's a German brand Leifheit with patented design. I was very impressed when I saw the aunty demo it at Taka yesterday. Basically you place the mop head into the light green basket and pump lightly then the basket will spin very fast (like a salad spinner) and squeeze out the water. So no more squeezing with hands or pulling handle like those sponge mops (which I initially wanted to buy).

I have not used it yet so I can't say if it's really that good but I am certainly excited to try it tomorrow =)

However I have two complaints after settling down at home, when the adrenaline rush from watching the aunty demo and the Christmas jingles getting you into a buy buy buy trance has worn off: the ugly colour and no handle, no wheels. I like to move my pail around so will have to see how to work around that.

$68 from Takashimaya
10% off from now til Sunday (if you have taka card) and they have a promo now with free additional mop head. aunty says depending on frequency of use, replacement is 3 months to a year.

Here's a video from youtube.

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  1. Saw another interesting version in Japan (Spin & Go 360 Mop).