Saturday, 18 December 2010

Nagano 長野 – Nawate and Nakamachi streets (16 Dec 2010)

Shinshu is the old name of present Nagano prefecture. Shinshu specialties include soba, apples, tai yaki and sanzoku yaki. Make sure you try them when you are in Matsumoto!

Flanked by traditional Japanese architecture, it’s a very pleasant stroll down these streets, especially Nawate street. Do try the たい焼 (tai yaki), a delicious snack in the shape of a sea bream filled with red beans, custard, chocolate etc. We tried the chocolate one and the generous warm chocolate filling oozed out when we bit into it =)

Wa, the Fuji apples there is so cheap... only SGD$1.60!
We also tried another Matsumoto specialty 松本山賊焼 (sanzoku yaki), chicken coated with miso and deep-fried. Tastes a little like karaage but much nicer =) look for any shop with this banner =)

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