Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Nanbantei (Far East Plaza Level 5)

One of the most value for money set lunches in the heart of town is from this Japanese Yakitori restaurant. For a mere $13, you get a bento box consisting of 5 sticks (chicken ball, pork asparagus, pork shiso roll, quail eggs, chicken with leek), rice, pork soboro, mushrooms, seaweed, side salad, miso soup and dessert.

ok, the miso soup is a little substandard but the yakitori is nice =)

since i love tebasaki, we added an ala carte order as well as more vegetables with miso dipping sauce =)

Bill: about $43

If you just order the bento and ask for free tea, it will cost only $26++ for two which is very very reasonable. Dinner is more expensive.

Nanbantei: 67335666

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