Thursday, 23 December 2010

Ramen in Japan

One of our favourite food in Japan is ramen =) we can eat it a few times during a trip and not get sick of it because different regions use different ingredients and the soup has different characteristics. And one of our favourites is the coupon restaurants.

To order, you buy a coupon from the vending machine outside the shop for the type of ramen and side dishes you want, hand it to the waiter and get a seat while they prepare your food. It costs about JPY600+ to JPY1000+ per bowl of ramen which is really reasonable =) some of them have pictures so if you have difficulty ordering just ask for help and point to the picture.

Or for an easy guide, look out for the following characters

しおラーメン for salt soup ramen
しょうゆラーメン for soy sauce soup ramen
みそラーメン for miso soup ramen
辛味 means spicy
味付玉子 for seasoned soft-boiled egg

Have a try when you're in Japan!

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