Tuesday, 28 December 2010

TWG Tea Salon at Ion Orchard ($$$$)

My goodest bestest girlfriend and I decided to try this tea place at Ion Orchard after lunch at Nanbantei Far East. The ambience is really nice and the tea-sets are very pretty but it's very very expensive. When presented with the menu, we were like, "Golly... sooooooo many types of tea... how to order??"

We ordered a pot each of White Earl Grey and Lavender Kiss, and a scoop of mango sorbet.

Bill: An exorbitant $46.40!!

The tea is nice, no doubt. I like that they remove the tea leaves because I don't like my tea to be over-infused... it gets very bitter (although some people like to have the tea leaves inside so they can ask the waiter to "add water" -.-) but $40 for two pots of tea? That's too extravagant even for me... I can imagine my mum grumbling, "I need to bake 2 boxes of CNY cookies!"

$40 can:
- feed two very hungry people a relatively good meal
- pay for a haircut at a decent salon
- get you a decent mani cum pedi
- get you a good 45 min foot reflex
- buy you lunch at my office for 3 weeks
- buy me 40 bus rides from home to office (or back)

tsk tsk tsk...

Verdict: Next time buy the tea and drink at home LOL (i have the French Earl Grey actually). I told my girlfriend, "should have just come to my place to drink tea LOL!"

I guess the reason why people drink tea there is partly because of the ambience and nice tea-sets but hey! my tea-sets are also very nice ok! And I also remove the tea leaves (of cos, if you come to my house, you can request to add water cos I keep the tea bag on a plate -.- or if i use leaves, i will make the tea using another pot and serve it in the nice teapot so yes, you can ask me to add water -.- but of cos, you can just request for another fresh pot la -.-)

but i do not have their extensive range. so don't come and say you want what what what exotic tea hahaha

one thing that baffled us is the long Q. Singaporeans are very rich and very free.


  1. So, can we go your place for tea soon? :)

  2. sure! when will u guys be back?

  3. Next year; we'll be arriving back in Singapore this Saturday.:)