Monday, 3 January 2011

Irritating Kids

I like cute kids... such as my nieces and most of my friends' kids cos they are generally well-behaved... but some kids really get on my nerves...

on the flight back from Narita Airport, we were unfortunately assigned the middle two seats of four on the plane (when we tried to check-in online, we tried to change our seats but the SIA website had some problems so we couldn't and we tried asking at the counter but the girl said there were none available >.<) and behind us was a family of 4: mum, two kids, dad. So the two kids sat in the centre right behind us and the one behind me kept kicking my chair!! I was really fuming and i imagined myself turning around to yell, "You kick some more I'm gonna chop them off!"... but i didn't do it. instead, i politely told her mum, "Hi, can you kindly ask your kid to stop kicking my chair, thank you ^^" the frequency did reduce and i could watch my movies in peace...

then there was this other infant in a bassinet who kept crying and crying and crying and crying non-stop THROUGHOUT the flight!!! i nearly went mad and had to resist going over to slap the kid.

i was talking about this unpleasant incident at a gathering and one of my friends recalled a recent trip he took with his wife and daughter. He was nicely settled in his aisle seat, happily buckled up and waiting for the plane to take off when a mum carrying an infant walked down the aisle and the infant totally PUKED purple puke on him (cos he had ribena and milk before getting on the plane). my friend almost turned into The Hulk instantly but had to control his temper because his girl was watching... he said if he were childless like us, he would have really given the mum and kid a piece of his mind. so throughout the flight, he was wearing his purple-puke-stained shirt... i can imagine how he must have felt and how much he would want to slap (actually, strangle) the kid...

people really shouldn't travel with very young kids unless it's absolutely necessary (such as migration, need to see some family member for the last time or job attachment etc.... ) because according to one of my ex-colleagues, there are certain complications associated with infants on a flight. I know for one that most of them can't regulate the air pressure so you will notice that whenever the plane takes off or lands, all the babies on the plane start crying... anyway, this ex-colleague said his sister's friend who is an air-stewardess once witnessed a kid getting choked on phlegm and died on the plane so throughout the entire flight, the parents were sobbing... that is super tragic...

when i told my friends i get really irritated by kids on flights, one of my friends who has travelled a few times with her infant/toddler say people like us can jolly well take business class... -.-

ya right... if i can afford i also want to take business class... *grumble grumble* so OTHER PEOPLE'S kid irritate me become MY fault?? actually, since the plane has different sections, why can't they pack all those families with kids in the front or back section and the adults in a separate section? that way we can watch our movies in peace and you guys can cry, wail, shriek, puke for all you want i don't care... or please just feed the kid some rum to knock him/her out thanks.


  1. A lot of airlines allow you to choose your own seats these days, online (SIA's window opens 48 hours before flight, while the American airlines open the minute you purchase the ticket etc.), so I usually go online and choose my seats carefully, and keep checking periodically to see if better-positioned seats become available.

    Ya granted you can't tell who you're sitting beside, but at least this assures me of getting aisle seats always. E.g. in the most recent trip, I made sure - online - that the both of us always got aisle seats.:)

  2. actually we do always try to check in online too and did try to do it for that flight but stupid SIA website had some problems so we couldn't change our seats. we knew we kena centre seats cos we could see it >.< tried to ask at the counter for aisle seats but she said there were no more cos the flight was full. my neighbour was on the same flight and the family had to be separated. daddy with two kids and mummy alone =(

  3. we usually try to choose aisle bulk seats if it's a night flight cos it's got more leg space =) but it's always taken up very fast

  4. Even now that we have a toddler, I share the same sentiments with you. Really, unless it is necessary, babies and young toddlers should not travel on long flights. The young ones are not the princes / princesses in the world that others should become 'casualities' as a result of their inability to control themselves.

    Ya, airlines could look into creating a separate compartment for such families.