Saturday, 15 January 2011

My Nieces Say the Cutest Things =)

Kirstyn and Gwyneth are at a very cute stage now when they'd blabber baby talk and i have learnt some of their language...

ber ber means vegetable
ri ri means they want to be carried
room room means mushroom

so i guess the rule is to take the last syllable and repeat it. i guess it's good that my name is Gu Gu =D but they know barney, how kikky (Hello Kitty) and all of Mickey's gang haha

some of the things they say are very smart too =)

my sister-in-law: differentiate x^2 you get...?
kirstyn: 2x!!!

my brother was eating crab and i made the crab pincers hand sign kirstyn said, "like tinker tinker likker star!!"

hahaha... so cute... ^^

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