Sunday, 27 March 2011

Idea + Square = Origami

This guy's talk is really interesting... it's so awesome how Math can be applied to something seemingly unrelated.

I checked out his website and guess what I found among other cool stuff? Folded from 2 full pieces of US$1 bill.

After watching his video, I am so amazed that I am speechless... If I can get my hands on one of his books... I'd like to explore the Mathematics behind his work.

Monday, 21 March 2011

@ Punggol

Wa, there is a new hip and cool hangout in Punggol, very near Punggol Plaza. If taking public transport, get off at Riveria LRT station and walk towards the temple. Enter Tebing Lane and follow the road. It appears very ulu but once you hit the carpark of @Punggol, wa, you'd think the entire Punggol is there! LOL

We checked it out on Saturday night but it was too dark to shoot anything... except some pics of the supermoon with my i-Phone.

then I went there for a jog on Sunday morning without my phone -.- so we had dinner there this evening =)

Try to reach by 6:30 if you wanna be able to find a parking lot. Reach by about 6pm if you wanna check out the promenade and Lorong Halus Wetland before dinner. I already checked out the wetland and Chris was hungry plus we felt a few raindrops so we turned back after we reached the bridge to hit the restaurants.

Chris wanted to eat Popeye -.- so I tagged along and boy did I regret it. The fish fillet in the sandwich is so over-fried that it was so hard and dry. I don't mind fast food once in a while if it's worth the calories... like MacDonald's fillet-o-fish... but this??? =P and it's not cheap. At $7.60 for a meal of sandwich, fries and drink and $5.60 for a la carte sandwich... ouch! But the fries and onion rings are not too bad la. there are currently only 3 restaurants but I read that a 4th Japanese restaurant is opening soon =)

It's a nice place to chill with your family and friends =) Protect your kiddos with anti-mozzie stickers just in case ;)

Check out the video I made with my phone =)

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Bonding Bunnies

Since West's demise, we have been seriously considering finding another companion for Claire because we are worried that she will feel lonely while we're at work. We found a suitable candidate, Inkie, a Netherland Dwarf who has the same colour as Claire. Inkie is about 3-4 years old and lives with Claire's nanny. She is a very inquisitive little bunny who will hop around sniffing here and there... very very cute =)

Claire seems fine to have her as a friend but not to "share her house". On the first day, I return home from the office (had some clients to meet) and to my horror, there was pee and poo all over the enclosure! We initially thought Inkie is not toilet-trained but later realised that the culprit was Claire! bunnies pee and poo to mark territory. She must have been really upset to have someone in "her territory". West used to be quite a bully and she was sad for a few days after he was gone but became kinda more lively and happier that the tyrant is no longer around LOL so perhaps she is afraid that Inkie will be another tyrant.

So for the time being, we a cage in the enclosure for Inkie so they can have contact yet they each have their own space. (Note that when keeping bunnies in a cage, it is important to place a resting board in the cage because prolonged standing on wired flooring is very bad for bunnies' soft paws. Unlike dogs and cats, bunnies do not have padded paws so may get a condition called sore hocks).

This seems to have solved the problem of Claire feeling the need to mark territory. It's going to take time for Inkie to gain Claire's trust so that we can put them together =)

chris: hm... Claire seems so docile.... didn't expect her to be so territorial.
me: You bring another woman home lor, see if i will be territorial...
chris: -.-??? (a bit cow head not match horse mouth...)

This afternoon, we found them grooming each other which is a wonderful sign! Bunnies groom each other when they feel comfortable =) It's kinda like humans. Our sphere of personal space decreases as we become closer to the other person. We will sit closer to people we like and even touch, hug them etc.

Let's hope for the best! Claire and Inkie, FIGHTING! *(^_^)*

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Our Short Getaway to Sentosa

We stayed at Capella, a 6-star hotel and a member of Small Leading Hotels of the World, of which many of the GHM hotels (such as The Chedi Club, The Chedi Chiang Mai, The Legian etc.) and Banyan Tree are members.

Room rate: $549++ per night for a garden view room with complimentary buffet breakfast and English afternoon tea as well as everything that's in the fridge. Complimentary parking (overnight parking costs $50) and re-entry pass if you leave Sentosa. They upgraded us to a seaview room.

The WA! moments:
+ the lush greenery with free-roaming peacocks, peahens and chicks =)
+ the nice seaview
+ they upgraded us to a seaview room because we told them it was our 9th wedding anniversary  =) (yes, 14th Mar... 3.14... get it? haha)
+ high-tech touch-screen panel that controls all the lighting, air con, curtains and blinds in the room
+ complimentary drinks (which includes san pellegrino, coke, juices etc.)
+ nespresso machine! (ok, i don't drink coffee... but it's a nice touch)
+ Gryphon tea (Earl Grey, Pearl of the Orient, English Breakfast)
+ bose speakers
+ i-Phone dock
+ v nice range of Abahna toiletries from UK (white grapefruit and may chang)
+ large bath-tub with nice view =)
+ they gave a free bottle of wine (ok, we don't drink but we brought it home to give to someone who does) with schott zweisel glassses
+ when u r at the pool, they serve you Fiji water. They also served us a very nice mango juice with blueberries and raspberries
+ nice English afternoon tea with Waterford Wedgwood fine bone china
+ good service (although we do find that some of the local staff speak with an irritating fake accent)
+ our bathroom/shower area flooded after I took a shower. But they did rectify it when we called and the housekeeping team came to clean up the place pretty fast.
+ Auriga Spa is a very nice spa. the massage was so good i fell asleep when i was face-down and i drooled LOL woke up in time to slurp it back into my mouth LOL make sure you go early to enjoy the spa facilities. there is a hydrotherapy pool, aromatherapy cold mist, warm tropical rain shower and herbal steam bath room. we went for the "capella celebrates" promotion where you get a 1-for-1 signature treatment if you stay for one night. We did the 2-hr waxing moon treatment (U.P. $280 per person) which included a rose and sugar scrub, rose mud wrap, body massage, facial massage and head massage. i'd say for the 1-for-1 price, it's very worth it =)

The WA LAO moments:
- the food is super expensive and not worth the money. do not, i repeat, DO NOT pay to eat at the knoll's restaurant. chicken rice is $28, nasi goreng is $30, beef kway teow is $34!! ouch. we did and boy did we regret it haha... it costs 10 times more than at hawker centres but the taste is not as good. The beef in the beef kway teow is supposed to be wagyu beef but they clearly over-cooked it so it was not tender at all. quite disappointing... good quality ingredients but i think the chef didn't do justice to them... you're better off driving out to vivocity for your meals (which we did the next day haha).

Will we go back?
Maybe... for a special occasion and if they have the 1-for-1 again. Otherwise, we feel it's really extragravant.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Japan - sad... ='(

Very sad... haiz... see the video taken from Sendai airport... super scary after 0:45

And there MAY be nuclear leak too...