Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Gen Y Soldiers

I don't know if you have been following the buzz recently about the army boy who was caught with his maid carrying his full-pack... it's created quite a stir on the internet...

The picture which was uploaded to Facebook was picked up and placed on STOMP

Then these hilarious photos surfaced and were placed on STOMP again

today the mainstream papers carried a report with regard to the first picture and apparently, "A Ministry of Defence spokesman said in response to the report in The Straits Times that "the SAF takes a serious view of the conduct of its servicemen in public" and that it will investigate and take the appropriate action." ~ STOMP

Ever since the publishing of the photo, people have been branding Gen Y Soldiers as "soft", "spoilt" and "pampered". The TNP interviewed some NS men and among other statistics reported is this: out of 23 with maids, only 1 washes and irons his uniform. there was also a parent who insisted that her son is not "soft" because he is very "fit" and that the training is tough. OK lady, "fit" is not synonymous with "not soft". It is possible have a muscular, fit guy who crumbles under pressure or a flabby/scrawny guy who holds up under severe mental stress. Chris says it's about mental strength, resilience and discipline, nothing to do with whether one is physically fit.

I have never been to the army so I shouldn't criticise but I do agree that the first picture does not put the soldier in a positive light. some on the internet are speculating whether he has a shoulder injury. poor guy... if SAF ever found out his identity, he is so screwed... i wonder how many extras he will have to sign and the nasty names he will be called by fellow NS-men.

the story has been reported in an overseas Chinese news segment... oh dearrr... this is beary bad...

I am just waiting for Mr Brown to pick this up and perhaps write a hilarious song or Leticia from the Noose to say something about this.

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