Saturday, 19 March 2011

My Brother the Charmer

I don't know how my brother does it but he always manages to get free stuff. Free drinks don't say... yesterday we wanted to eat chocolate fondue at the Haagen Daz near their house which they frequent. he chatted with the waiter (waiter hor, not waitress) whom i think he knows. then the waiter suddenly gave us this fondue set.

he touched my brother's arm and said it's free... i was amazed...

me: *to Chris* wa, my kor 出卖色相 to get free stuff... dear, you also let the waiter touch your arm la, maybe can get another one LOL
chris: -.-
kor: yaya, touch thigh got even more free stuff want? -.-

haha... i think my kor just has good PR skills. i may be able to get good grades but he is the one who can get free drinks, free stuff, discounts etc with his mouth (ok, that came out wrong LOL). i mean he is very friendly and can make people like him. he has friends everywhere  LOL now with my nieces in tow, it helps even more cos people find them cute so will give free cookies, free marshmallows, free drinks etc. LOL

but yesterday my poor nieces can only eat fruits cos kirstyn is coughing so she can't eat ice cream. and since kirstyn can't eat, gwyneth also can't eat otherwise when kirstyn sees gwyneth eating, she will want to eat too and start her diva thing then we'll be the target of stares from everyone else.

chris: they come to haagen daz to eat fruits? so cham...

so we had to pretend that the chocolate fondue was super spicy LOL

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