Monday, 21 March 2011

@ Punggol

Wa, there is a new hip and cool hangout in Punggol, very near Punggol Plaza. If taking public transport, get off at Riveria LRT station and walk towards the temple. Enter Tebing Lane and follow the road. It appears very ulu but once you hit the carpark of @Punggol, wa, you'd think the entire Punggol is there! LOL

We checked it out on Saturday night but it was too dark to shoot anything... except some pics of the supermoon with my i-Phone.

then I went there for a jog on Sunday morning without my phone -.- so we had dinner there this evening =)

Try to reach by 6:30 if you wanna be able to find a parking lot. Reach by about 6pm if you wanna check out the promenade and Lorong Halus Wetland before dinner. I already checked out the wetland and Chris was hungry plus we felt a few raindrops so we turned back after we reached the bridge to hit the restaurants.

Chris wanted to eat Popeye -.- so I tagged along and boy did I regret it. The fish fillet in the sandwich is so over-fried that it was so hard and dry. I don't mind fast food once in a while if it's worth the calories... like MacDonald's fillet-o-fish... but this??? =P and it's not cheap. At $7.60 for a meal of sandwich, fries and drink and $5.60 for a la carte sandwich... ouch! But the fries and onion rings are not too bad la. there are currently only 3 restaurants but I read that a 4th Japanese restaurant is opening soon =)

It's a nice place to chill with your family and friends =) Protect your kiddos with anti-mozzie stickers just in case ;)

Check out the video I made with my phone =)


  1. Cool! Is that a kind of recreational area across from the Nautilus? I don't recall seeing anything quite like that in March 2010 when I was last there. I guess I really need to check out the riverside area more thoroughly next time I visit.

  2. Matt, this place is new... where exactly is nautilus? it's pretty near chek's place... walkable by your standards definitely haha

  3. oh by the way, that's not a "river" it's a canal... they used the word "riverside" incorrectly.

  4. A bit of trickiness with terminology indeed. Size-wise the waterway is definitely a canal. However, folks from the past called it a river - translated from the Malay word 'sungei'. That waterway is called Sungei Serangoon.

  5. Yeah, I figured as much, but it's wet at least! I think the Nautilus is an HDB project that was set to break ground while I was last in town. I'm pretty sure it was quite near there, but I could be wrong.