Saturday, 23 April 2011

How Did You Pass Driving Test??!!!

that's what chris ALWAYS asks me -.-

we went to seng kang sports hall macdonald's for breakfast and the car park was full so i had to park outside - PARALLEL PARKING >.<

i picked the FIRST lot i.e. no car in front and stopped a few metres ahead...

me: so...? how?
chris: reverse! full left!
me: *reverse full left*
chris: right right right!!!
me: *turn right*
chris: ok, reverse in
me: *reverse in* eh... stuck... (my wheels were scrapping the curb)
chris: you are driving into the curb!!! keep your car straight!!!
me: er... ok... so now how?
chris: turn right!
me: reverse mode or drive mode?
chris: *spurt blood* forward! right!
me: o... k... *forward right* then how?
chris: *breathe out fumes* reverse left...
me: *reverse left*
chris: ok ok right!
me: *turned left*
chris: RIGHT!!!! O.M.G.
me: -.-

so i managed to park... IN FRONT OF my lot and my car got stuck again with the wheels touching the curb...

chris: get out! i park
me: ~.~

after that...

chris: how on earth did you pass your driving test?!?!?!
me: instructor says the sticker pass first pole full left then after that don't know what then 2 turns right then 1/2 turn left... got a method one...
chris: no wonder you still can't parallel-park! you learn the method but don't understand the concept!
me: ~.~
chris: that's how some teachers teach their students too! teach method never teach concept! the students know how to follow the steps and score in the exams but they can't think! you twist the question and they get stuck because they don't understand the concept!
me: ~.~ don't get so worked up ma...
chris: are you sure you didn't wear short skirt and low-cut blouse for driving test? -.-
me: NO!
chris: you should put your P-plate back up!

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