Sunday, 29 May 2011

Daughters vs Sons

Me: hi dear, where shall we eat for your mum's birthday?
Chris: anything...
Me: I got her something from Clarins
Chris: ok

Me: fathers' day is coming. Let's get your dad an iPod!
Chris: he won't know how to use one. r u going to provide the tech support as well?

Me: how about buy him a Christian CD? *walks into CD shop*
Chris: let's go... All these can buy from iTunes what

Me: i know I know! Buy him the LKY book!
Chris: er... Can you buy it? I'm not doing it

Me: How about go fly kite n have picnic? W your dad n mum n grandma
Chris: >.<|||

Me: oh oh! Let's bring your parents to USS!
Chris: so that I won't have any regrets?


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