Saturday, 28 May 2011

Women & Shopping

The excuses we make

Hubby: Wa! You bought so many things!!
Wife: Check out my free toaster oven and free vouchers!

Hubby: you went to Taka sale again??
Wife: I saved $100!! Got discounts!
Hubby: (if u don't buy u save even more)

Hubby: this dress looks new...
Wife: is it?? Hm... I wore before but u never see la

Hubby: why do u need another pot?? U have so many!!
Wife: but this one is different! It's a thermal pot so save gas n electricity!!

Hubby: u have many cups u still buy!!
Wife: but this is for Chinese tea... Different!

Hubby: do you really need that many skincare products?
Wife: ah ya, if top up to a certain amount I get all these free gifts!! V worth! And I got this for your mum for her birthday!!

Hubby: no more space Liao u still buy new shoes!!!
Wife: but v good discount v worth!!

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