Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Retail Service

Been shopping a bit lately, doing my part for Singapore and can't help but notice that there are more foreign salespeople around now than a couple of years back and I must say they provide very good service, especially the ones from china and the Philippines (even though they speak like Lulu and Leticia)

I was at raoul in paragon and the china salesgirl was so patient and helpful. She let me check every piece of leather bag before I decided on the best and served me nespresso coffee. When I left, I realized that the shop had actually closed an hour ago because they were supposed to have staff dinner. Yet she patiently waited on me and even walked me to the door with my purchases which she wrapped beautifully.

Then I went to Guess? to check out some watches and again, the china salesman earnestly showed me the pieces I pointed to and explained the special functions of each. I didn't end up buying but he remained very warm and thanked me.

Was at Taka checking out some bath salts and the Filipino salesgirl warmly introduced me to every scent in their range so I ended up getting the lavender one :p

Then I bought a gift from Clarins for my MIL n asked for it to be gift-wrapped while I made payment. To my horror, the local salesgirl wanted to wrap it w a piece of Taka paper which she dug out from the drawer. I was upset, "you are not going to wrap it w that r u?" then she reluctantly went into the store to dig out a nice box to put my purchases in. This is not acceptable. Clarins is not a cheap brand n mind u I spent quite a bit there. So pissed.

Then at best denki, i asked the local salesgirl whether there are new pieces she said, "all there already". -.- at least pretend to search can?

some people really need to go for training...

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