Saturday, 18 June 2011

You is crazy!

The custom officer at Tirano is very funny! When I presented my tax-refund forms for the custom stamp, he insisted on seeing my Ferragamo shoes so I showed them to him...

Custom Officer: These shoes? This price *points to receipt*?!?!
me: Yes...
Custom Officer: *suspicious look*
me: *points to the brand* Ferragamo
Custom Officer: *shakes head* You is crazy!!
Me: *run my fingers over the stones* Swarovski crystals...
Custom Officer: Ah... Hm... Your (h)usband (will) kill you!


All these happened when chris was happily sipping his minestrone soup at a restaurant and when I related the incident to him, he also LOL haha

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  1. LOL... This is super funny! I thought the officers in EU should be familiar with Ferragamo's prices? ;pp