Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Lost and Found

Wow... a miracle happened this evening. My girlfriend who was with me was stunned beyond words LOL

This morning I told chris that I'll be meeting my girlfriend y. for dinner and requested that he pick us up at around 8+ from taka. However, my phone battery went flat at about 6pm but I managed to send an SMS to y. to confirm the meeting place. I had planned to use her phone to SMS chris to confirm the time and pick-up location.

So at about 7:30pm I SMSed chris. There was no reply after half an hour. So I called him... the call went straight to his mailbox. SMSed again. still no reply. Started panicking... and called like 10 times to no avail.

Then I called my MIL to ask her to also help contacting chris but she too was not successful.

So we thought of all possibilities...

me: maybe his phone battery has also run out...
y.: hope he didn't lose his phone...
me: what if something happened to him? GASP! maybe he is having an affair with another woman and switched off his phone!!
y.: -_______-|||

So we waited for almost an hour and there was still no reply. After a couple more unfruitful attempts at contacting him, we made the decision to just send him a last SMS "we take taxi go back le" and go home by ourselves.

On the way up to the taxi stand, I felt very uneasy... what if he was really waiting somewhere for me? What if his phone really ran out of battery and he sent one last SMS/whatsapp to tell me where he was waiting and gong gongly waited there thinking I got his message?


me: is there a coffee bean here?
y.: think no more...
me: can i take taxi from paragon? i want to check the coffee bean there...
y.: erm, ok, i'm crossing the road to take bus, i'll go with you...

so we walked towards CBTL and as we entered, y. gasped!

me: DEAR!!!!! 我终于找到你了!!!!!T-T

somehow i just had a hunch he will be waiting for me at CBTL haha

haha i know chris so well... i hope he knows i like macadamia nut choc chip famous amos cookies (private joke)

y. was totally in awe and speechless that i actually managed to find chris LOL but i felt really relieved that chris was lost but now am found =)

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