Saturday, 17 December 2011

Japan Dec 2011 Day 10: Aso Farmland 阿蘇ファームランド and Kurokawa Onsen 黒川温泉

The weather was awesome so we tried going up Aso crater again but gah! Ascent to the crater was prohibited because of gas emissions!! grrrrr… so we stopped by Aso Farmland for some shopping and food and discovered a lovely little mushroom farm inside that grows all sorts of mushrooms =) I highly recommend this place especially for people with kids. They will love the dome-shaped hotel rooms and activities (looks like a summer resort). The farmland is a huge compound with many different kinds of spas.
Dome-shaped hotel rooms in Aso Farmland

The drive to Kurokawa onsen on Route 212 is very very scenic! We stopped by an observatory along the way which sells handmade soba. If we hadn't already had lunch, we'd definitely eat there! Even the toilet cubicles have nice mountain view haha. It has a little farm that will be an educational visit for kids =) Entrance is JPY100, by integrity, no staff manning the place, just a coin box for you to deposit your fee =)

Ryokan: Okunoyu 奥の湯
A pretty large establishment in a hot spring town, this ryokan has 9 hot spring baths, some of which are mixed open-air and private (family) open-air ones. They also serve Basashi, horse meat sashimi... which taste quite nice haha like Maguro but more crunch... hope I won't lao sai LOL wifi only in the lobby...

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