Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Japan Dec 2011 Day 6: Okayama 岡山

On our way to Kumamoto 熊本 from Matsuyama, we made a brief stop at Okayama岡山 to visit one of the three famous gardens Korakuen 後楽園 and Okayama castle 岡山城 beside it. You take No. 18 bus (JPY140, non-JR) from bus-stop No. 4 in front of Okayama station.

From the garden, you can see the castle perched at the top. It was a very pleasant stroll through the fields, tea plantations, lakes and maple trees. We had a leisurely lunch (our cute anpanman obento) at one of the benches.

The castle is a re-modeled one so it’s nothing special, just a by-the-way visit after the garden.

Hotel: JR Kyushu Kumamoto Hotel
Right next to the station, very convenient but nothing spectacular.

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