Saturday, 17 December 2011

Japan Dec 2011 Day 8: Takachiho 高千穂

After an almost 3-hour drive from Miyazaki using a Japanese GPS (they ran out of English ones! Haha really praise God we reached there safely!), we arrived in Takachiho高千穂, well-known for the gorge and dance performance at the shrine.

The weather couldn’t be better as we strolled through the gorge, carved out by volcanic lava from Mt Aso. It was a very thrilling experience for us to row a boat (actually Chris rowed the boat) down the Gokase 五ヶ瀬 river. We bought a packet of duck biscuits before boarding and the smart duckies seem to sense that we had food so they followed our boat haha!

After a scrumptious dinner at our ryokan Kami-no-ya かみの家, we took the free shuttle from the ryokan to Takachiho Shrine 高千穂神社 for an Iwato Kagura 岩戸神楽 dance performance (JPY500). It consists of 4 acts and is predominantly about Japanese myths involving deities. Only the last act was interesting and quite funny.

A small ryokan with only 8 rooms but the furnishings are rather modern. It has a lovely Hinoki bath-tub and wonderful meals =) The owner speaks pretty good English and reservations may be done over email. It is really difficult to get accomodation in Takachiho, let alone staff who can speak English, so this ryokan is quite a find. Free parking and free shuttle service to watch the Kagura dance performance. Wifi in the room!

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