Monday, 31 December 2012

Japan Dec 2012 Day 2: Sannomiya, Kobe

Sannomiya 三ノ宮 is a convenient base to reach the major sights in Kobe such as Kitano 北の国, Rokkosan 六甲山 and Meriken Park. From Sannomiya station, we took a train to Maiko 舞子 station to check out the Akashikaikyo 明石海峡大橋. 


We also walked the Maiko Marine Promenade (admission charges apply), which is a passageway under the huge bridge from where you can see the harbor. We had yuzu tea at the small café/restaurant =)

After getting back to Sannomiya, we walked to Kitano and had a nice western lunch at a Parisian café opposite Starbucks. The thing I love about eating western food in Japan is that the serving sizes are just right for Asians and because they’re so petite, you are actually able to have appetizer, entrée and dessert =)

We had to skip Meriken Park as we wanted to catch the evening and night view from Rokkosan. To get to Rokkosan cable car station from Sannomiya, you have to take a train to Rokko followed by a bus. 

The view from the top is really befitting of its “Top 3 Japan night view” title but it was freezing because it was really windy. I almost couldn’t feel my fingers after a while! Thankfully, there was a small building where we had some hot canned beverages from the vending machine =) A good way to thaw those fingers!

Dinner was Kobe beef teppanyaki in Kikusui, a restaurant recommended by the tour information counter. We were disappointed that the chef is not Japanese and felt the meal was not worth the $400 we paid because he totally over-did the oil for all dishes. We didn’t think he needed to add that much oil to cook wagyu or fry rice =P Won't go back to that restaurant again!

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