Monday, 31 December 2012

Japan Dec 2012 Day 6: Koyasan, Wakayama

This video is the same as the one in Day 5

We met Hiro san and Umeda san at Kaseda station from where Umeda san drove (less than 1 hour) to Koyasan 高野山. It was a nice walk around the town checking out the various temple architecture and even cemeteries! Hiro san showed us some interesting tombstones such as one for photographers, one for graffiti artists, yakult, etc. The one for photographers had photographs of many dead photographers/photo-shop ownders and the one for graffiti artists had, you guessed it, graffiti on it haha we didn't take pictures as we thought it might be disrespectful.

We met some real pilgrims who have been walking for 40 days in Shikoku 四国 and have arrived in Wakayama to end their pilgrimage. 

The highlight for us was meeting a really cute dog, Sakura chan, who travels with her owner and has conquered many peaks! What a blessed dog =) She even has a blog!

Before we boarded the train from Kaseda back to Wakayama, Hiro san gave us a treat at a cosy little cafe with very delicious home-made cakes and cookies. We were so overwhelmed by the owners' hospitality because they kept giving us free food and even gave us hello kitty and anpanman cookies for takeaway. Umeda san also bought us some sweets from Koyasan. Thank you, Hiro san and Umeda san, for the wonderful day!

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